2:52am December 13, 2011

Never sure how to take this

People at the pain clinic constantly praise me (either directly to me or in commentary to each other) for getting through facial/cervical nerve blocks without doing more than, at the very most, the occasional squeak. (“Men are the biggest babies about it,” one of them told me in September. As if having a body not designed for the pain of childbirth is a personal failing.)

This is a very mixed message when:

* I’ve almost died a bunch of times because I don’t always show pain. (I told the men/babies nurse this and she said “If that happens why don’t you just tell people something hurts?” If someone is that clueless no response suffices.)

* In addition to the other reasons, one reason I don’t react to this level of pain is because I had untreated, severe chronic pain for over 20 years. Hell, often the pain the nerve block is treating hurts worse than the nerve block itself. (Although after the block my overall pain levels climb for a couple weeks before dropping.)

* And another of the many reasons is that I know what ten is. See The Comparative Pain Scale for details if you’re not familiar with it.

(That pain scale is excellent. I only ever read the scale that’s in the colored HTML table, though. Because some of their other info pisses me off — like that it’s good for friends to discourage us from acting like we are in pain. WTF. But the pain scale itself is the only one that ever made sense to me, it beats the crap out of those smiley face ones.)

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