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Video Post Sat, Jul. 14, 2012 113 notes

Do you want to dream different. (Lots more photos at link.)

This mind teasing structure that you are viewing in pictures below was designed and developed by organic architect Javier Senosiain.

Javier Senosiain is a Mexican architect who has a peculiar taste to create numerous marvels in different patterns. This particular shell house aptly named “Nautilus House” was given shape in 2006 at a place called Naucalpan in Mexico. Being an exceptional one directly from the imagination of its architect, it naturally had to undergo enough changes testing the patience of its builder. The concept “Organic” can be well experienced from the way one feels being amidst the nature. The way the structure and the interiors have been designed is nothing but teasing the ever hungry urban population confined to concrete jungles. Do you want to be the one, dreaming different?

Wow. A house shaped like a shell. What is really weirding me out there is this intense sense of familiarity. I feel like I have literally been in this house before. Maybe in a dream or something. Dreams are usually the only places where the sense of familiarity gets this intense — I’ve almost never had it awake before like this (except during seizures and this doesn’t seem to work like seizures work). I wouldn’t past my mind to have created something similar in a dream — I can’t design things worth crap when awake but in dreams my brain churns out realistic original buildings. But I feel like I know this place, even though that’s impossible. I’d certainly love to live there if only it was wheelchair accessible (and a shell-like design would be trivially easy to work in wheelchair accessibility in a beautiful way).

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