10:22pm February 4, 2013

Minor notice

When I say “my sort of autistic person” I mean like…

If all autistic people were in this huge multidimensional grid with closer meaning more similar in a certain way and further meaning more far away in a certain way. “My type of autism” is everyone within a certain vague distance of me in every direction. And so is anyone else’s type. And that makes way more sense than the subtypes we use today.

So I mean things like feliscorvus and amorpha and a bunch of other people I’ve met who have a lot of similarities to me, especially in areas I find important.

I also don’t mean that other sorts of autistic people don’t experience the same thing.

And I don’t ever mean that I am low functioning and I am speaking only of low functioning people because I don’t even believe in low functioning people or high functioning people, that boundary makes no sense to me emotionally, scientifically, intellectually, or ethically. So I never mean that and am never meaning to exclude people who see themselves as on the other side of that line from me.

Lots of people see feliscorvus as on the other side of that line from me, yet she is the closest to a duplicate of me brain wise that I have ever met, both by our own estimations and the estimations of mutual friends. So I would never say “my sort of autistic person” and leave her out just because some people like to put her on the other side of a meaningless line.

I’d write more but I’m exhausted and on the toilet and its hard to write here.

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