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Video Post Fri, Jul. 12, 2013 15 notes

Yay all brown. Shirt with brown flowers, brown wrap skirt thing, brown scarf. And not very visible, yellow Hufflepuff pin, and not visible brown snood.

Brown clothes are growing on me. I can’t believe how much less my eyes hurt now that I’ve changed so much of my surroundings to brown and blue. And I think this is one of my more respectable-looking outfits.

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    Looks Non-Childish to me. Which I think shouldn’t have to be a requirement for respect. But I do understand it’s...
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    Shirt is nice. It’s the kind of thing I usually see on mothers around here when they’re at the Y to get their kids or...
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    Hmm lots of old people in my building wear stuff nearly identical, was taking my cues from them.