7:21pm September 7, 2013

Types of owls found in San Mateo County.

Barn Owl (3)
Western Screech Owl (2)
Great Horned Owl (2)
Snowy Owl (6)
Northern Pygmy Owl (3)
Burrowing Owl (4)
Spotted Owl (5)
Long eared owl (3)
Short eared owl (3)
Northern Saw-Whet Owl (3)

* Rarity:

1 = Common to abundant in appropriate habitat, always present in large numbers
2 = Fairly common, always present in moderate to small numbers
3 = Uncommon, usually present and in small numbers
4 = Rare, observed in very small numbers and perhaps not in each year
5 = Extremely rare, fewer than 10 records of occurrence in season indicated
6 = Accidental, recorded fewer than 10 times in San Mateo County and offshore waters

My dad used to take me out at night in Redwood Terrace to listen to the owls. So this is all the owls found in that county.

Information taken from here:

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